Russia was attacked by drones on the morning of May 30. Explosions were heard in different parts of the capital of the aggressor country. One of the drones reached Putin's residence.

This was reported by Russian journalist Farida Rustamova.

According to her, one of the drones was shot down by Russian air defense near the residence of dictator Putin near Moscow in the Rozdorov area - part of Rublyovka, where state cottages, personal homes of officials and businessmen are located.

What is known about the drone attack on Moscow

During the drone attack, according to propagandists, one of them hit the upper floors of a residential building, the other hit a high-rise building on Atlasov Street in New Moscow.

Russian media outlets write that more than 10 drones were shot down in the Moscow region, most in the Istra, Krasnogorsk and Odintsovsky districts.

Recall that the leputat of the Russian State Duma Alexander Khinstein said that the drone attack on Moscow was, in particular, aimed at the Rublyovka area.

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