To prevent massive attacks of drones and missiles, and to prevent them from entering Ukrainian airspace, it is necessary to deliver powerful strikes on places of deployment and launches.

Does Ukraine have such an opportunity, said Mykola Malomuzh, general of the army, head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in 2005-2010, reports FREEDOM.

According to him, our attack drones with a range of up to 2 thousand km. km should hit airfields Tu-95 and Tu-160, as well as bases of "shaheds".

"All these areas need to be identified. And with the help of our missile systems, our own drones, effective actions of special services - these are our agents, partisans who conduct operations on our tasks, our sabotage groups - must be destroyed in all directions," Malomuzh said

In his opinion, Ukraine has every right to such a powerful blow.

"The objects where missiles are located, the 'shaheds', are objects of preparation for terrorist attacks. Any country in the world has the right to destroy a terrorist according to all international norms. Therefore, we have the right to act there," the former intelligence officer said.

Drone attack on Moscow on May 30

Malomuzh believes that today's drone attack on Moscow could have been organized by the FSB, or Russian citizens who support Ukraine. He did not rule out such strikes in the future.

Recall that in the morning, May 30, Moscow and the Moscow region were attacked by unknown drones. One of the drones even reached Putin's residence.

The Ukrainian Air Force commented on the drone attack on Moscow and said that these are "internal problems" of Russia.

The day before, this night, the occupiers inflicted another massive blow on Kyiv. As a result of falling wreckage of a downed Russian drone in the Holosiivskyi district, four people were injured, a 33-year-old woman was killed. She went to the balcony to see how the drone was shot down, and received a deadly fragment.

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