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MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi Mustafa Karadayi– Bulgarian politician from MRFMustafa Kadarya was born on 08.05.1970. in the village of Borino, he sent a warning to GERB from the parliamentary rostrum.

"The vicious wedding of the last few days, if it happens, with this distrust of the public, we will witness that of January 10, 1997 - Bulgarian citizens will break into this building," he said.

Acad. Denkov: I expected this reaction from GERB

Karadayi vowed that the MRF would categorically defend democracy, statehood and the state. "We call on all nationally responsible parties and all nationally responsible citizens with reason and responsibility to defend democracy," he said.

His declaration, in addition to "dear ladies and gentlemen", began with the ironic "dear gentlemen".

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"Multi-beauty tries to present itself as a substitute for state bodies and institutions. We know from the media how some presumptuous, self-oblivious violators of the Constitution and the laws, of civil and human rights, there are no state institutions, but they themselves pretend to be Rambovtsi and illegally arrest opposition party functionaries, invade homes. Dance is trying to usurp all power and destroy the security services. We are already hearing requests about how it is they will corner and liquidate opposition parties and leaders. This is creeping fascism to impose a dictatorship of the beautifully intelligent. What are we waiting for to happen - what happened in 1996-1997?" he said, quoted by "24 hours".

Mustafa Karadayi