Artillery duels on the border of Luhansk region with Donetsk region do not subside. In the Kreminets sector, Russians shell frontline settlements with barrel and rocket artillery every day and are constantly trying to calculate the location of Ukrainian artillery, TSN reports.

In Zarechnoye, Torsk, Yampil, Seversk arrives several times a day. Closer to the front line - in the direction of temporarily captured Dibrova and Kreminna - whistles and explodes almost continuously. "In Bakhmut, well, I flew in. It is more intense here, and here they are aimingly felled," says Valeriy, gunner of the M119 of the 2nd Mechanized Battalion of the 67th Mechanized Brigade.

Although near Bakhmut, Ukrainian volunteer gunners say, they fired from a light American M119 assault gun almost continuously. "The second shot hit the target. But the target was larger than our projectile, it can block and systematically began to work on it. As a result, they hit a house in which there was an assault group of seven people, which was destroyed. Out of 13, seven were direct hits," says Andrii, a fighter.

"We had a record, we have 333, but we had much more. It was all in a day! We did more than 333 on it," adds the brother.

Almost all of them volunteered to the military registration and enlistment office on February 24. Down as one - civilians. "There is one career soldier - the battery commander. The rest are all civilians. There are entrepreneurs, there are customs brokers, there is a teacher, even. There are drivers," says Andrii.

Together they defended the Kyiv region, then also studied together as artillerymen in Germany. Now they have become a calculation and are destroying the invaders from the M119th Brigade in the north of Donetsk region. Each projectile sent by the artillerymen of the second mechanized battalion of the 67th Mechanized Battalion in the direction of the enemy flies, the soldiers assure, for the main common goal. "To win is the first, to return home is the second! And build a new life after the war," they say.

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