Ramiz Ibrahimov, a member of the ASC Board of Directors of the People's Insurance, has left the insurance company.

AAPA-Economics has been informed by the insurance company. Ramiz Abraham is also reported to be a member of the People's Life Insurance Company. Currently, the insurance company consists of two members—Chairman Asim Mammadli and independent member Ruslan Seyidov.

Not to be overlooked is the conflict that alcohol abuse can cause under the law. Earlier, the chairman of the Governing Body, Raman Kurbanau, had left the company. He was replaced by Roman Veliyev, chairman of the People's Life Insurance.

Recall that the People's Insurance was created in 2004. Its charter capital is 58.75 million manat. 50 percent of the company's errors are "Ideal Business Co." The MMC and 50 percent belong to the Euro Standard MMC (33.85 percent of the ASC, and Bank Eurasia is 37.5 percent of the ASC).