Moldova has had problems with electricity amid massive outages in Ukraine. Power outages are recorded in various cities, including the capital Chisinau.

It is reported by NewsMaker.

It is noted that there is no electricity in Slobodia, some areas of Tiraspol, Rybnitsa and Kamenets. In Chisinau, electricity was also cut off. The movement of trolleybuses has been disrupted, according to the Metropolitan Electric Transport Authority (RTEC).

The Ministry of Energy of Moldova reported that on the morning of May 30 there was an emergency shutdown due to work on the high voltage line Isaccea - Vulcanești. The line will be renewed by the end of the day.

"Also today, for reasons unknown as yet, the high-voltage line Balti — Dniester CHP was disconnected. The line was immediately reconnected, but due to the lack of load in the system, it failed, leaving the center and south of the country without electricity," the statement said.

Recall that around lunchtime on May 30 throughout Ukraine there was a massive blackout. The emergency power outage occurred due to technical reasons. This is notdue to a shortage of power in the power system, Ukrenergo explained.

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