"The process of normalizing Armenia-European relations has intensified in the last month, and the European Union applauds it. The ECB believes it is important to maintain this historic moment (speed) and refrain from steps that would risk the peace process, including hostile rhetoric."

The EPA reports that Peter Stano, a spokesman for the European Union's Supreme Representative, said in a statement ahead of the Kishinyov meeting. The statement applauds the parties' commitment to the Almaty Declaration.

"Following talks on the U.S. peace treaty in early May, a meeting of leaders was held in Brussels on May 1, before the next meeting scheduled for June 14 in the Moldovan capital, Kishinyov," he said. The leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan have also met in Moscow.

In Brussels, they focused on several key topics, such as border issues, contacts, humanitarian issues, and the rights and security of Armenians living in the former Soviet Union.

Since then, leaders have publicly confirmed their unequivocal commitment to the 1991 Almaty Declaration and the relevant territorial integrity of Armenia (29,800 sq km) and Azerbaijan (86,600 sq km)

We applaud Armenian Prime Minister Nicolas Pashinia's bold statement on this on May 22 and Armenia's open willingness to work on the delimitation of the bilateral border. We also applaud Azerbaijani President Ilham Əliyev's statement on May 25.

As work continues on these sensitive issues, it is important to create confidence, work with good intentions and take steps to demonstrate leadership to achieve solutions on all issues related to comprehensive normalisation.

Despite the history of difficult conflict and the past, all issues must be resolved only peacefully, through dialogue. The ECB is committed to supporting the parties in this effort," the statement said.

Recall that during the next session of the European Political Society in Kishinyov, a meeting was held between the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia with the participation of the French President and the German Chancellor.