Russian propagandist Vladimir Soloyov threw a tantrum because ordinary Russians in comments on the Web rejoiced at the drone attack on Moscow, in particular in the elite district of Rublyovka.

He stated this on the air of his author's propaganda program.

Solovyov confirmed the thesis that residents of other regions of the Russian Federation do not like Muscovites, in particular due to the fact that the Kremlin takes all the money from the regions to the capital.

"What the hell are you writing? What are you so happy about? Do you like the fact that the strike is on Moscow? What are you so happy about? "Ah, Rublyovka." And not Russian people live there? Not our compatriots? "Ah, Moscow." And what, all Muscovites on the strip and in the falafel? We no longer have a single country and people. Just shake and remove this your "So you need!". So a little of your ego, who did not become stars, put yourself in a f*ck. And think about the country. And think about people," Solovyov is hysterical.

Got from Solovyov and the inhabitants of Moscow due to the fact that they disperse panic.

"They (Ukrainian media. – Ed.) Already, fakes are being sculpted and they will definitely be thrown in to disperse panic among the residents of the capital. I believe that everyone who picks it up should be prosecuted. All stuffing, deliberate publication of false, unverified information, must be stopped and prosecuted in accordance with the law," the propagandist said.

Earlier, propagandist Solovyov called for the destruction of Kyiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk in response to drone attacks on Moscow.

Drone attack on Moscow on May 30: latest news

Recall that Putin finally commented on the massive drone attack on Moscow. The dictator threatened peaceful Ukrainians with a "response". Note that one of the drones even flew to his residence.

According to experts of the InformNapalm international intelligence community, the drones launched at Moscow came from the eastern part of the Moscow region.

The Ukrainian Air Force, commenting on the drone attack on Moscow, said that these are "internal problems" of Russia.

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