Russian opposition journalist Jan Shenkman, who left for Europe after the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, honestly admitted that as a result of the war he began to earn more and his life improved.

He published the corresponding post on Facebook, but later deleted it. Ukrainian journalist Sergey Sidorenko managed to take a screenshot.

According to Shankman, all his acquaintances who left the Russian Federation improved their situation.

"One girl recently said, 'We all feel better because of the war. And it scares me." We are beneficiaries of war, beneficiaries. Including me," says the Russian "liberal".

He said that by moving to a "wonderful place", he gained respect that he did not have in Moscow, and also began to earn better money.

"Every day something good happens: new projects, interviews, interesting meetings. And overall I felt better. I have become kinder, more confident, smile more often," the journalist says.

Shankman admitted that he sometimes catches himself thinking that he regrets that the war did not start earlier.

"If only it had started earlier at the age of 15, when I was younger and I had more strength. Well, it was hard for them. How wonderful my life would have been then," Shankman reflects.

It should be noted that Jan Shankman's page states that he works for Novaya Gazeta Europe.

In January, he wrote an article about his first year in exile and shared his impressions of life in Armenia.

Journalist Sergei Sidorenko noted that this message can be used to make a collective portrait of Russian liberals.

Earlier, Russian actor Dmitry Nazarov, who took a clear anti-war position on Russia's aggression against Ukraine, said that he could not donate money to the Ukrainian army.

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