In Moscow, a creative exhibition entitled "The Colors of the World" was opened with the initiative of Polad Bulbuloglu, the Russian ambassador to Azerbaijan, the State Protocol Department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

The EPA's Moscow correspondent reports that the exhibition features 16 handiwork by colleagues from 150 empathy partners operating in Moscow. Diplomats have presented handiwork on a variety of subjects, such as color, graphics, artifacts, and other subjects.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko said that closely related diplomacy and art play an important role in fostering mutual understanding and belief among representatives of various countries: "Sometimes literary works convey truths that cannot be said in words. And diplomats who are both pen and brush master are able to do it more convincingly. '

Polad Bulbuloglu, a diplomat in Moscow and a Russian ambassador to Azerbaijan, noted that diplomats are also happy to be creative in today's complex world. "I think this exhibition creativity will remain a welcome memory for any diplomat on display from his time in the Russian capital," he said. Because the passion for creativity never fades."

P. Bulbuloglu said that next year's exhibition would be presented in a broader and more diverse style and thanked Vasili Sereteli, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts for his assistance in organizing the exhibition.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition, Mikhail Schvydkoy, a special representative of the Russian President for International Cultural Cooperation, and Vasili Sereteli, vice-president of the Russian Academy of Arts, spoke about the unifying role of art between countries and nations.