"It is difficult for PP-DB to gather support and if a government is formed, it will work very hard. When we talk about the government of the state, morality and trust are needed. Tremors and scandals show erosion of trust in the political class... What kind of construction of government is possible, that's hard to say."

Bydecree of President Rumen Radev of May 12, 2021, Stefan Yanev was appointed caretaker, leader of the "Bulgarian rise" Bulgarian rise, defines himself as a national conservative political party, but "former caretaker prime minister and former minister of defense.

He added that in the absence of ideas, vision and arguments what exactly you want to do, you start looking for conspiracy theories. "As if as a society we were lost without purpose or direction... When two of the authorities do not work normally, to shake the third power, and in a situation of permanent crisis, you make the crisis even deeper. And if we break the state to its foundations, how will we build it again afterwards?"

Stefan Yanev: Amendments to the Constitution are necessary, but right now they are not on the agenda

In the show "12+3" Yanev added that because of the current situation it is appropriate to convene the Consultative Council for National Security and to hear the voice of the services - whether there has been foreign interference in Bulgarian politics. And if there is such data, the prosecutor's office should self-refer.

According to him, the conversation about an expert cabinet is valid until this cabinet is before the oath in the National Assembly:

"The moment ministers are sworn, they cease to be experts and become political appointees. Conversation is a veiling of the inability or unwillingness to take political responsibility."

Stefan Yanev

Bulgarian rise