It has long been known that cacti can absorb the harmful radiation of a PC monitor, but these are not all the positive properties of these indoor plants. It is also believed that they can protect the house from robbery. However, the cactus is not suitable for everyone. People say that very young girls should not start them - because they can stay for a long time without a pair, and then the man will drink.

Fat woman ("Money tree")

Probably there is no such person who would not hear that a fat woman brings money to the house. However, to achieve maximum effect, it is recommended to plant this plant in a red pot. And do not forget to put a few coins on the bottom. You also need to take good care of the "money tree". After all, if the leaves on it are small, then only small money will be found in your pockets. And if the fat woman does not help, it is worth planting a plectrantus near it. Now abundance will definitely settle in your home.


In the people this plant is often called "family happiness" or "splashes of champagne." If you arrange the flowers of chlorophytum around the apartment and spray them - you are provided with a happy and peaceful family life.

Uzambar violet

If conflicts often arise in your family, it is worth planting this particular houseplant in the apartment. It is believed that she is able to create family happiness, give comfort, protect against diseases. However, it should be remembered that the violet "works" it cannot be put on public display.


It has long been believed that any kind of fern helps protect the house from evil spirits. And if this plant is dry in your house, take a closer look at your surroundings. This means that the fern worked and took over the fun.


Folk omens about flowers: bamboo / Photo: Pexels

Bamboo in many nations is considered a symbol of prosperity, wealth, career growth, success. If you put this plant on the desktop, then you will quickly move up the career ladder.


Thanks to this plant, all gossipers once and for all will stop spreading gossip about you. However, to get the result, you need to take care of it regularly. Be sure to wipe the leaves once a week and spray the plant.


It is a symbol of success, prosperity, kindness, calm atmosphere in the house. Ficus is recommended to put in the kitchen. Then you can protect your family from poverty.


In the people this plant is called "mangogon", and therefore you need to be very careful with it. If you put ivy in the house where a young family has just moved in, quarrels and conflicts can arise. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to grow in an apartment.


If you need to solve problems in your personal life, buy this particular houseplant. And for maximum effect, put hibiscus next to it. It is recommended to communicate often with these colors, then they will "work".


Folk omens about flowers: monstera / Photo: Pexels

In no case should you put next to the bed in the bedroom. This plant is considered an "energy vampire", and therefore it is rarely given. While for those who suffer from migraines, monstera can help. If you sit under the monstera, the headache will pass.


Their fruits resemble gold and the sun, and therefore in many cultures citrus fruits are considered a good plant for the home. If you want your family to live in prosperity, it is worth planting citrus fruits.