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A total of 72.47 percent of the votes in Bulgaria for the runoff in the presidential elections in Turkey are for the opposition candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu, and 27.53 percent are for the country's outgoing leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan, according to results, quoted by the Turkish news site Duvar.

The data are based on 100% of the ballots counted from the voting in Bulgaria, with the total number of valid votes cast in Bulgaria being 1969.

In Germany, the country with the largest number of Turkish voters living abroad, the vote is in favor of Erdogan. 67.36 percent of those who exercised their right to vote more than 700 million Turkish voters there voted for the re-election of the incumbent president, and 32.64 percent exercised their vote for Kilicdaroglu.

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In France, another country with a large Turkish diaspora, 189,589 valid votes were cast, of which Erdogan was 66.57 percent to 33.43 percent for Kilicdaroglu. In the Netherlands, Erdogan led with 70.45 percent to 29.55 percent for Kilicdaroglu (with 145,180 valid votes), and in Belgium the result in 74.91 percent for Erdogan against 25.09 percent for Kilicdaroglu (with 71,933 valid ballots).

More generally, Erdogan won the foreign vote with 59.49 percent of the vote, while 40.51 percent of Turkish voters abroad supported his opposition opponent Kemal Kilicdaroglu, according to Anadolu Agency data with 93.11 percent of votes counted. Voter turnout abroad was 46.95 per cent.

The overall results of the vote in the run-off in Turkey and abroad showed Erdogan's victory by 52.16 percent to 47.84 percent for Kilicdaroglu, with 99.85 percent of ballots counted. The difference between the two is 2,292,180 votes, Turkish NTV television reported.