Photo: Facebook/ Mauro Torres.

Yesterday night, the citizens who allegedly injured two people by gunshot on May 25 in the Centro Habana municipality were arrested by joint forces of the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba.

Both detainees were identified as Lázaro Reynier Valiente Mejías and Yordany Poyeaux Pozo, 34 and 26 years old, respectively. According to witnesses of the police action, the two were hiding in a house in the Los Callejones neighborhood, of the Electric Distribution, Arroyo Naranjo municipality, Havana. It means the permanent collaboration of the people for the capture of those involved, who had injured two people of 37 and 50 years of age, in Consulate Street, between Anima and Trocadero, for a settling of accounts. One of them, director of the Folkloric Company "Raíces Profundas" that had nothing to do with the quarrel.

Taking into account the impact of the fact, numerous people on social networks expressed their concern because events like these are not common in Cuba, however, there was confidence that the authorities without sparing resources or schedules, would find the whereabouts of the perpetrators and clarify what happened without impunity.

The victims of this unfortunate event receive care by specialized health personnel, with permanent monitoring of the evolution. A note issued yesterday by the Government of Central Havana, mentioned that government authorities are kept abreast of the situation in the investigative process and medical care work.

Citizen tranquility will continue to be a conquest of the Revolution, even if some ill-intentioned people insist on making believe otherwise.

Government of Central Havana clarifies violent events that occurred this Thursday

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