The infamous blogger Anna Alchem, who was recently accused of a missile strike on the Dnieper, was puzzled by her statement about working with intelligence.

The web began to actively discuss another strange confession of a celebrity. Thus, Alchem stated that since the first days of a full-scale war, she has been cooperating with the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine. According to the blogger, she was personally invited to the department and even promised awards.

"I have been with intelligence since the first days. I think all adequate bloggers cooperate with intelligence. The SBU came at me from the first days. I was even told that they would give me some kind of order, but I didn't need it. Why do I need this order? Will the war end from this or will the money pour into me?" said Alchem in an interview with Okay Eva.

The blogger stressed that she has always helped and helps the army during the war, so she does not need awards. In addition, Alchem ambiguously expressed that Ukraine is "one continuous benefit", so nothing in her life will change from the order.

Anna Alchem

Recall that Anna Alchem got into a loud scandal because of stories about collecting aid for the military in hospitals in Dnipro, after which the occupiers fired at medical institutions in the city. On the Web, the blogger was immediately accused of correcting the enemy and provocations.

Alchem herself justified herself for her act and stated that she made the publication with good intentions.

Anna Alchem

It should be noted that before that, Alchem also "distinguished herself" by her statement that during the war she continues to listen to Russian performers and explained why she does not want to communicate in Ukrainian.

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