The fall of the wreckage of a downed Russian missile in Kyiv was recorded on a security camera, the video from which was obtained by TSN correspondents.

This is stated in the inclusion of TSN.

Thus, the correspondent Natalka Nagorna reported that she received unique shots from security cameras, which were installed for herself by an innovative self-service dry cleaning near the Pochaina metro station.

Security camera footage captured the moment when a fragment of a Russian missile fell between cars and nearly hit a passenger minibus. Fortunately, the cars miraculously managed to slip through the place where the debris fell and they remained intact.

A large fragment of an enemy rocket, which was burning, has already managed to extinguish and remove from the place of the fall. Traffic has now been restored only partially. What kind of rocket it is, the wreckage of which fell in the area, must be established by examinations.

Missile attack on Kyiv

Russian troops launched ballistic missiles at Kyiv on the afternoon of May 29. All of them were shot down by air defense forces, but the wreckage of enemy air targets fell in the Obolonsky, Desniansky, Dniprovskyi and Podilskyi districts of the capital. As a result, one person was injured. According to the CMVA, the occupiers are aimed at killing civilians.

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