This was stated by Ukrainian military expert, reserve colonel Roman Svitan.

And that night there were missiles – interspersed with "shaheds", but predictably.

"More than 90% were destroyed, but these are light targets, subsonic ones - cruise missiles and shaheds. We learned to knock them down with a very good coefficient. And in the afternoon, ballistic missiles like Iskanders most likely went. "Iskanders" can get up to 500 km, from the territory of Russia, the Bryansk region to hit Kiev. Most likely, such an attack was carried out on the Kyiv," he said.

The attack is caused by several factors.

"Most likely, they tried to dry our Kyiv air defense system at night, and in the afternoon they got ballistic missiles with the help of Iskanders. And a very quick decision on the use of ballistic missiles on Kyiv may be connected with our unfolding offensive along the entire front line and along the state border with Russia," the expert concluded.

Recall that in Kyiv, the enemy attacked the city twice a day with missiles. Thanks to the excellent work of air defense, all targets over the city were shot down.

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