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The recent torrential rains have led to significant starting of the levels of the dams "Yovkovtsi" and "Alexander Stamboliyski" in Veliko Tarnovo region, for now there is no danger of overflowing.

In the municipality of Suhindol drained the affected villa zone, said Mayor Plamen Chernev: "Two ravines went outside their troughs after heavy rainfall, one villa zone was slightly affected and several villas were drained, we coped with equipment and materials at hand."

Information is expected from the Ministry of Environment whether a controlled release of the largest dam in the region "Alexander Stamboliyski" will be necessary, explained the mayor of Suhindol.

The rains also raised the level of the drinking dam "Yovkovtsi", but there is no danger, assured the regional governor Georgi Guguchkov: "Yovkovtsi" is somewhere below two meters below the overflow zone. They are far from their maximum volume."

Has the Zhrebchevo Dam been drained illegally?

In Veliko Tarnovo Yantra and Belitsa are monitored every 15 minutes and the river levels are already decreasing, pointed out the Deputy Mayor Prof. Georgi Kamarashev: "We have no information about activated landslides and retaining walls."

The road between the villages of Kozlovets and Aleksandrovo has already been cleaned, which was flooded with extracted mud from the fields.