The labor market in Ukraine has been gradually recovering since the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Average salary of Ukrainians

for the first quarter of 2023, it increased by 3.1%, and as of the end of May amounted to UAH 13,423.

It is reported by the publication



It is noted that at first the number of vacancies decreased by 15 times. However

Now the market is undergoing a gradual recovery.

"At the beginning of 2023, the average salary in Ukraine amounted to UAH 12,644.

And by May it increased to 13423 UAH.

However, it should be noted that the data of the Pension Fund, which are used by the publication, may not clearly reflect the real situation on

market", – stated in the message.

According to the pension fund, d

For comparison, personnel portals show an average salary of about 16 thousand rubles. UAH.

"At the same time, personnel portals show only data from ads, they do not take into account those vacancies in which wages are not indicated, or those vacancies.

Traditionally, the highest salaries are received by workers in the field of information technology.

The average salary also differs depending on the region," the report says.

It should be noted that millions of Ukrainians lost their jobs after a full-scale invasion and are forced to adapt to new realities: look for temporary earnings or learn new professions.

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