A delegation headed by Tahir Budapest, deputy director of the New Azerbaijani Party (YAP), is on a trip to the People's Republic of China (CXR).

On May 28, the YAP press service reported to the EPA that a meeting was held between Tahir Budapest, head of the Central Parliamentary Assembly, and Chian Hunshan, deputy director of the International Relations Department of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CKP).

Greeting the YAP delegation, Chian Hunshan congratulated the Azerbaijani people and their government on May 28 and wished them prosperity, peace, and new success. Chian Hunshan emphasized that Azerbaijan-China relations are based on friendship and cooperation and that multilateral relations are developing on a high-level basis. He expressed interest in expanding relations with China in Economic, Political, Cultural, Humanitarian, and other fields of Azerbaijan. Chian Hunshan, two friends with equal cooperation based on national interests and international legal norms, said the country respects each other's sovereignty and supports the territorial integrity of the country, noting that either Azerbaijan or China has proven to be a worthy and responsible member of international unity with their policies.

The deputy director of the department said that expanding ties within the framework of productive dialogue between the CKP and the YAP is also an important contribution to the development of Azerbaijani-Chinese relations. Chian Hunshan, who said the CKP has extensive international relations, said there was a great deal of emphasis on deepening cooperation with YAP. He noted that mutual trips are important in evaluating the status of relations between parties and determining future cooperation.

Tahir Budapest, deputy director of the Central Parliamentary Assembly, thanked for the invitation and hospitality, stressed that Azerbaijan-China relations today have a dynamic development thanks to the political will of the leaders of both countries. Noting that there is a multifaceted relationship between the two countries, Tahir Budapest noted that there is a favorable environment and a reliable environment for deepening cooperation in various fields. THE deputy director of the YAP Council said that Azerbaijan, which has been occupied for nearly 30 years, has always placed great emphasis on the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity that lie at the foundation of international law. In this regard, Azerbaijan has consistently expressed its support for the territorial integrity of countries that are subject to the international relations system, including China, as well as the single Chinese principle, and is in the same position today. Tahir Budapest, who described Azerbaijan's remarkable victory in the 44-day Civil War, said that new geological realities have created important opportunities for regional security and cooperation. Noting that reconstruction work has been carried out in Azerbaijan's occupied territories, the head of the YAP Central Parliament said that Chinese companies have extensive opportunities to participate actively in the process.

Tahir Budapest emphasized the importance of permanent contacts and cooperation between the ruling parties of the two countries in the development of Azerbaijan-China relations. He has expressed confidence that mutual trips will contribute to the development of inter-party relations in all directions. THE deputy director of the YAP Council said that as political parties, we should strengthen ties by imitating the friendship of government leaders, cooperation between Azerbaijan and China, and continue to work effectively, usefully, and purposefully.

It is noteworthy that the deputy director of the YAP Council, Tahir Budapest, a member of the party's Governing Body, Hikmat Mohammadov, chairman of the YAP Inspection Commission, deputy of the National Assembly, Bhagiyar Islamov, chairman of the YAP Youth Union, Nurlan Galanderov, director of the Department of Information Technology and Public Relations of the party's Central Parliament, and Central Taleh Hasanzadeh, a leading adviser to the Department of International Relations and Humanitarian Affairs.