Ethnic motifs, minimalism, crochet - these and many other styles of dresses will be trendy this summer.

According to stylist Yana Platonova, this summer, compared with the previous one, does not have fundamental changes.

When choosing dresses for the summer, it is important to pay attention to the composition of the fabric, and give preference to linen, muslin, fine cotton and viscose.

The stylist selected the main options for dresses among more than 4000 models of dresses, focusing on cut, design and stylization.

Among the main trends, the stylist highlighted the following:

  • The maxi length remains relevant.

Maxi dresses/

  • Ethnomotives are always in trend.


  • Minimalist dresses.

Minimalist dresses/

  • Dresses in linen style with lace inserts (even contrasting ones).

Slip dresses/ photo:

  • Dresses — crochet and other techniques. Translated from French, "crochet" means "small hook." Dresses - crochet are made of voluminous embossed lace, which resembles a grid

Dresses in style /photo:

  • Sheer dresses

Transparent dresses /photo:

  • Bandeau dresses. This is a style of women's dresses that have a special design using a bandeau top. Bandeau dresses are characterized by open shoulders and upper back.


  • Dresses with various ties.

Dresses with ties photo:

  • Dresses with a variety of cutouts.

Dresses with various cutouts/

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