Today, 29.05.2023, the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office (Sofia City Prosecutor's Office) received a signal from MPs from the parliamentary group of Vazrazhdane NP and the Bulgarian National Movement "IMRO", which sets out allegations of possible crimes under Chapter One of the Special Part of the Penal Code – "Crimes against the Republic".

The signal claims that on 26.05.2023, during a press conference of MP Radostin Vassilev, data were released on crimes committed against the republic, specifically under Art. 103 and Sec. 105.

Geshev asked for interpretation of the Constitution on the mandate and functions of the SJC

The signal for a crime of general nature has been randomly assigned to a prosecutor from the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office. The supervising prosecutor under the Judiciary Act has instructed the State Agency for National Security to conduct an inspection of the case. Upon completion of the inspection, the supervising prosecutor will assess whether there is sufficient evidence of a crime.

About the results the public will be informed.

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office