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New Delhi:

New Delhi: The Delhi Police has arrested 16-year-old Sahil in connection with the murder of a 20-year-old girl in Shahbad Dairy. The police arrested him from Bulandshahr at 3 pm on Monday. According to the police, after brutally killing the girl, the accused Sahil had switched off his mobile and fled to his aunt's house in Bulandshahr. After investigation and interrogation, the police found Sahil's location. After which he was arrested.

According to information received from police sources, the girl who was stabbed 16 times by Sahil and crushed her head with stones, also had a tattoo of a boy's name on her hand. According to the information received, the girl and Sahil were friends for the last 3 years. The girl's friend has also given a statement to the police about the friendship of the two.

Police investigation revealed that the girl wanted to separate from Sahil, but Sahil was angry about this. On Saturday, there was a fight between the two about this. The girl also threatened Sahil to complain to the police. Sahil was angry with the girl for this.

According to sources, it is being told that once the girl also threatened Sahil with a toy pistol, so that he would not harass her. Sahil's friends or anyone else who is under suspicion are being questioned by the police.