"This is the day when you, after long waiting and high hopes, embark on your chosen life path." This is what President Rumen Radev said Rumen Georgiev Radevis a Bulgarian military man, a major general in the reserve. Former commander of the party in his greeting during the traditional prom for disadvantaged young people, BTA reported.

The event is part of the charity initiative of the Head of State "Support a Dream" and is implemented through financial resources raised from a donation campaign.

Among the official guests of the event are Vice President Iliana Iotova Iliana Malinova Iotovais a Bulgarian politician, 5th Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria, caretaker Prime Minister Galab Donev Galab Donevwas born in 1967 in Sofia. He graduated from the 35th Russian Language School in Sofia, caretaker ministers of labor and social policy Lazar Lazarovwas born on March 18, 1970 in Sofia. He graduated from the University of National and World Economy, speciality of Education and Science Sasho PenovDr. Sasho Penov has a Master's degree in Law from the Faculty of Law (SCF) of Sofia University of Youth and Sports Vesela Lechevawas born on May 20, 1964 in Veliko Tarnovo. He graduated from the National Sports Academy.

The Prime Minister will attend the traditional prom for disadvantaged young people

"I am glad to see you so beautiful and smiling, because this is your day," President Radev addressed the graduates.

"You take this path in a very dynamic time, full of challenges, obstacles, but also many opportunities. It depends on you – confidence is required, dreams are required, will and effort are required, because they are the guarantee for your success," the Head of State added.

"I won't spare that your path here has been associated with difficulties, sometimes painful in tender childhood, but remember that this is your advantage over your peers, because you have learned, you know how to fight, you know how to treat every obstacle so that you can use it as a springboard for your future success." The Head of State noted.

Radev pointed out that many of the graduates have already chosen a profession to start their own path in life. "Work honestly, diligently and your efforts will be rewarded," Radev said. He congratulated those who chose to continue learning and added that the "Support a Dream" initiative will be with them on their path to knowledge and the new worlds that will open up to them.

Radev thanked the donors in the campaign.

The President presented the graduate Minka Kirilova already a second-year student at the New Bulgarian University, making her dream come true and she already has a published poetry collection.

The feeling of having fulfilled one of your most cherished dreams is indescribable, it should just be lived, she shared. I want to tell you to pursue your dreams and always believe in them, regardless of the challenges that life will face you. Difficulties are what make us as individuals. Smile and accept them with a smile, because they are an opportunity to show both to yourself and to the world that nothing is impossible, said Minka Kirilova and added: "Fly boldly, always leave a trace behind you and never forget that each end is the beginning of something new and have a flight full of love and sharing in life."

"Don't forget the road is in front of you. It is up to you how you will walk it, but we look at you with great hope, because you are the future of Bulgaria," Radev said and wished the graduates of Good Luck.

Rumen Radev

Dove Donev

Iliana Iotova

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