Onion prices in Ukraine have risen again and reached a historical record. Into

Artism in wholesale shipments is already 48 UAH / kg, the rise in price will affect retail prices in the coming weeks.

This is written by analysts



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The Ukrainian market also has onions of the new harvest.

"Now there are practically no local onions left in Ukraine. Imports from EU countries of the 2022 harvest are offered at prices of $1.20-1.40/kg, and prices have risen this week. In the EU itself, prices for last year's onions are also rising. , this week prices in Poland reached $0.85-1.04/kg," said APK-Inform: vegetables and fruits expert Yevhen Kuzin.

Also, products from Egypt can be bought from $0.90/kg

. But the demand for it is not as high as in 2022.

"So far, early onions from Egypt and Central Asian countries are not sufficiently dressed, which is considered a sign of insufficient quality in Ukraine. These onions spoil faster, so traders prefer to work with more expensive onions of the 2022 harvest, where the risks of losses are lower, "Kuzin said.

Meanwhile, FAO international consultant Fedir Rybalko said,



Waiting for a decrease in wholesale prices for onions from about June 15.

It should be noted that the cost of vegetables in Ukraine, with the exception of potatoes, is at least 1.5 times higher than last year. And onions in general have almost tripled in price.

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