After being dropped halfway by the ambulance, the mother had to climb for 6 kilometers with the baby in her lap.


An 18-month-old girl died of snake bite in Tamil Nadu's Vellore district as she could not reach the hospital on time due to lack of proper roads in the area. After the ambulance left them halfway, the mother had to climb for 6 kilometers with the child in her lap.

After the snake bite, parents and relatives had taken 18-month-old Dhanushka to a hospital in Vellore, but the child died on the way. The family members of the child alleged that due to the lack of proper road, there was a delay in reaching the hospital, and due to this, the girl could not get timely treatment.

The Vellore collector told NDTV that a mini ambulance was available in the foothills and if the family had contacted ASHA workers, the child could have been given first aid. The girl's parents did not approach ASHA workers but decided to travel on motorcycles, he said.

The collector also said, "Efforts are already on to build a road in that area, and there is a dispersed population of around 1,500 people... Necessary applications for approval from the forest department have been made online..."

The Annaikattu police have registered a case under necessary sections.

Bjp's Tamil Nadu unit chief K Annamalai condemned the incident as "very painful" and said the state government was solely responsible for it. "The Vellore incident in which a one-and-a-half-year-old girl died of snake bite as the child could not be taken to the hospital on time due to bad roads... Condolences to the child's parents..."

He also said, "The death of a child in the absence of proper road facilities is unacceptable... It was even worse that the girl's parents had to pick her up and walk for several kilometres... This is a pain that no one should experience..."