As part of citrus peel, you can find a number of useful elements, so it can be used for flavoring rooms. The possibilities of this product do not end there.

Using citrus peel as a base, you can prepare a unique tool for cleaning the kitchen. It is completely natural, and therefore safe for health.

Yes, and preparing such a tool is very simple. You need to take any glass jar, send there the peel from one citrus fruit, and then pour vinegar to the crown.

Next, close the jar with a lid and leave it for two weeks to infuse the product.

Now the solution that you got needs to be filtered, poured into a spray bottle and can be used in the kitchen. Some also recommend adding a small amount of any essential oil and water to the main composition. But this is not mandatory - the solution will clean the surface well.

This citrus peel-based product can be used for disinfection, as well as cleaning plumbing.

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