On the night of May 29, Russia once again carried out a massive shelling of Kyiv.

The air alarm in the capital was announced at 00.40 and lasted 4 hours and 18 minutes.

After 3 a.m., the first explosions thundered in Kyiv. The authorities reported on the successful work of air defense.

This is the 15th enemy air attack on the capital since the beginning of May.

During the air attack on the capital, more than 40 air targets were detected and destroyed

According to the Kyiv City Military Administration (CMVA), more than 40 air targets were detected and destroyed during the air attack on the capital.

"Russian terrorists are trying with all their might to defeat key targets for themselves and at the same time deplete the resources of our air defense. Also, with these constant attacks, the enemy seeks to keep the civilian population in deep psychological tension. This night there were drones again - according to preliminary information, the enemy used "Shahed" barrage ammunition. Almost simultaneously with the UAV attack, enemy TU-95MS launched cruise missiles, probably Kh-101/555, from the Caspian region. Therefore, the attack on the capital was combined, from different directions," the CMVA said.

"In general, the forces and means of our air defense detected and destroyed more than 40 air targets. No strikes on Kyiv were allowed! Thanks to the air defense for the excellent work! (The final data is in the reports of the General Staff and the Air Force", – stated in the message.

In turn, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko wrote: "We thank our air defense forces for their filigree work! Another difficult night for the capital. But, thanks to the professionalism of our defenders, as a result of the barbarian air attack in Kyiv, there was no damage and destruction of infrastructure and other facilities, apartment buildings. There are no casualties."

The consequences of the air attack on the Kyiv

As a result of the enemy attack on May 29, Holosiivskyi, Podilskyi and Sviatoshynskyi districts of Kyiv were damaged.

Thus, in Podilskyi, debris fell on the roof of a one-story private house. In the Sviatoshynskyi district, where debris fell on the resettled building, rescuers liquidated. Fire.

Unfortunately, there were no casualties.

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