On the night of May 29, Russian invaders attacked the airfield in Starokonstantynov, Khmelnytskyi region.

More details about the enemy's strike on a military facility in the region were told by the spokesman of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuriy Ihnat on the air of the national telethon

"Yes, the strike took place there, the Starokonstantinov airfield. There is some damage there. We can't announce all the details. The fire was localized, I think that everything will be restored there and everything will work," he replied.

According to Ihnat, more data will not be disclosed yet, since what is happening at military facilities "is not public so that the enemy does not draw certain conclusions."

Earlier, the Khmelnytsky Regional Administration reported a Russian strike on targets in the region, one of which was military.

"Five aircraft have been disabled. Restoration work of the runway has begun," the regional military administration said, without specifying which flying vehicles in question.

Recall that on the night of May 29, Russia carried out a massive attack on Ukraine. Air defense forces destroyed 37 cruise missiles and 29 kamikaze drones.

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