According to a 2023 preparation plan approved by the Ministry of Defence, a training session in the N military was completed with the participation of a group of military personnel in the Azerbaijani Army.

The EPA has been informed by the Ministry of Defence.

Lieutenant-General Anwar Efendiev, deputy director-general of the Koran, visited the area where the training session was held. It has made its own recommendations for improving the knowledge and skills of military personnel, as well as for further training.

The closing ceremony was held at the end of the training session.

The ceremony was initially remembered with a minute's silence, commemorating the Witnesses who died for the independence and territorial integrity of our country. The orchestra was accompanied by the National Himni of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The speakers stressed that the training was of exceptional importance in maintaining a high level of combat readiness and improving the professionalism of the private team. Finally, prestigious decrees were issued to those who differed in the training session.
It is noteworthy that during a meeting aimed at improving the preparation of military personnel, firearms and gamblers were organized, as well as ethical and practical training courses from a number of tactical, military, and specialized training courses.