"Constitutional reform is made in a calm country and with good relations between MPs. With a much higher degree of trust, with clarity of problems, with clarity of what we need. Now everyone is pulling the rug towards themselves."

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The attempted assassination attempt against Ivan Geshev and his requested resignation 330

MargaritaStefanova Popova is Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria since 2012 and former Minister of, Vice President of Bulgaria in the period 2012-2017, Minister of Justice in the first government of Boyko Borisov, now a university lecturer.

According to her, the MRF's request to convene the Grand National Assembly was made "with an emphasis on the collapse of statehood at the moment":

"They said that there is a complete collapse of statehood and a Grand National Assembly should be convened. The DPS have not been in parliament since yesterday and know very well how this happens. The GNA is working until the problem for which it was convened is solved, it cannot solve other problems."

Stoychev (former director of CSCOC): Attempts are being made to make the three authorities hostages of parties

Popova approved the request submitted by Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev to the Constitutional Court for the SJC:

"Let the CC interpret how we should understand norms that were adopted yesterday in the Judiciary Act and the Criminal Procedure Code because, in addition to these provisions, on which my colleagues in the Prosecutor's Office have focused their attention, there are others who are of concern and I have the opinion that I should be asked at all costs whether some of the provisions in the new PPC with the Basic Law in the country are in harmony. I think there are some controversial moments."

In her words, "there can be no control over the Attorney General in the way that anyone imagines":

"In a democratic country there is a separation of powers and this must be respected. The Attorney General, like all other magistrates, must be able to be investigated if he commits a crime. This is the right attitude to the judiciary, not for control. Who will control the Attorney General? We have a special body for that, the SJC."

She expressed her expectation to be asked by the Constitutional Court about the provisions concerning the status of the so-called. special prosecutor to investigate the attorney general.

According to Popova, President Rumen Radev will not veto the changes in the PPC and JSA.

In the show "12 + 3" Margarita Popova Margarita Stefanova Popovais Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria since 2012 and former Minister of Politics commented on the chances of forming a regular government, stressing that there is always a chance, but according to her, new early elections should be held.

"After receiving the second exploratory mandate today, it can be started again, metaphorically speaking. If "Democratic Bulgaria" comes out ahead and starts some more reasonable, respectful talks and negotiations between GERB-UDF and DB, maybe there will be a government that we all need. But in this situation, I do not know which will be the lesser evil - whether a perishable government with scandals every day, with disagreement and depleted trust, or the legal procedure - elections. This is the legal procedure and it is better to follow it, because it is always the lesser evil."

According to her, "most likely, someone has an interest in the political situation in the country being unstable and not being able to form a regular government, but stressed that he does not believe this to be because of a conspiracy.

The Assassination Attempt on Ivan Geshev and His Demanded Resignation

Margarita Popova