The winner of Eurovision-2023, Swedish singer Loreen refused to sign the flag of Ukraine, which the TVORCHI team is raffling at a charity auction to help Ukrainian children.

The team of the duet said that the actress generally behaved strangely. In Liverpool, Loreen stayed away from all contestants. The singer was the only member with whom TVORCHI had no contact.

Loreen / Photo: Getty Images

Moreover, Loreen is the only country representative at Eurovision 2023 who refused to sign Ukraine's flag for charitable purposes.

"Loreen is probably the only participant with whom we have not had much contact. She stayed away from everyone, and was the only one who refused to sign the flag that we asked the participants to sign, then to draw it at a charity auction in support of Ukraine," said Yulia Mohylyuk, TVORCHI manager and partner, in a comment for Obozrevatel.

TVORCHI / Photo: Getty Images

The duo team also noted that Ukrainians behind the scenes of Eurovision-2023 were greatly supported. However, some Eurofans were skeptical about TVORCHI, because they considered last year's victory of Ukraine undeserved. However, the duo gave a lot of interviews and comments, where they explained that Ukrainians really want the war to end and they would no longer find themselves in such conditions.

Recall that the TVORCHI team will organize a charity auction, where it will play the flag of Ukraine with the signatures of the participants of Eurovision-2023, a special congratulation and a musical surprise. Those wishing to take part in the drawing must donate 240 UAH. But for the flag you need to transfer $ 24. All funds will go to help Ukrainian children who were born with heart defects during the war.

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