During the war, actor and TV presenter Lilia Rebryk traveled to many Ukrainian cities with tours and filming.

This time, the celebrity, together with her husband, choreographer Andrei Dyky, arrived in Kharkiv. For the first time in a year and a half, Rebryk found herself in a city that suffers almost daily from Russian shelling.

Lilia Rebryk with her husband / Photo: instagram.com/liliia.rebrik

Lilia Rebryk / Photo: instagram.com/liliia.rebrik

Kharkiv met the host with sunny and warm weather, so the couple had the opportunity to walk and see how Kharkiv residents live during the war.

Rebryk noted that despite constant shelling, the city continues to live and flourish. In parks and squares, residents and guests are greeted by well-groomed flower beds, clean roadsides and well-groomed streets.

  • Lilia Rebryk / Photo: instagram.com/liliia.rebrik

"Kharkiv... I've been here for the first time in a year and a half. Clean, well-groomed. So neat and elegant. Even at the height of the war, it did not lose its beauty. He suffered when his Saltivka was destroyed. He does not sleep when he is shot by those whom he does not even want to name. Weeps for anyone who does not see him again. But Kharkiv is green, almost summer, alive in spite of everything! Thank you, city of invictus!" - said the presenter about the life of Kharkiv.

Lilia Rebryk / Photo: instagram.com/liliia.rebrik

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