American actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in the company of the scandalous Russian model Irina Shayk, who used the terrorist symbol of the occupiers z.

In particular, the couple was spotted together at a birthday party of supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell. On the holiday, Leo visited with Irina, writes Daily Mail.

It is also reported that earlier Shayk visited the Cannes Film Festival, where there was also a premiere of the film with the participation of DiCaprio – "Killer of the moon flower".

Leonardo DiCaprio / Photo: Associated Press

The media suspect that the Hollywood actor had an affair with a Russian model. Although sources close to Leo's entourage report that "officially they are just friends." Previously, a couple in the company of each other attended a social event – the Coachella music festival.

Last year, Iryna Shayk got into a loud scandal. The model posted a picture of Olivier's salad and the inscription "Russianzz on Wednaday", where in the word "russians" she used the terrorist symbol of the occupiers z.

Iryna Shayk's scandalous post / Photo:

However, Shayk later acquitted. She stated that "sometimes lettuce, it's just a salad." The model also noted that her photoblog does not have any political or encrypted messages.

Iryna Shayk justified herself for the symbol z / Photo:

Meanwhile, Leonardo DiCaprio condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The actor also financially helped children affected by the hostile actions of the occupiers.

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