Alim Bayel, a newly appointed ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan, expressed his appreciation for the appointment of an ambassador to Azerbaijan.

The EPA reports that when President Ilham Əliyev of the Republic of Azerbaijan accepted the credentials of Alim Bayel, the newly appointed ambassador to the Republic of Kazakhstan, on May 29, the ambassador said he would continue his efforts to develop bilateral relations.

The ambassador paid tribute to the 100th anniversary of the birth of his predecessor, Heydər Əliyev, and congratulated the head of our government and the Azerbaijani people on Independence Day.

Scientist Bayel said it was a priority to develop economic-commercial cooperation in the expansion of our relations and to implement projects that are of great geo-economic importance to our countries but also to other regions. In particular, Trans-Xerxes noted the development of an international transportation hub, the drawing of a fiberoptic communications line along the bottom of the Xerxes Sea, and the expansion of Kazakhstan's oil exports.