Ukrainian showman Andriy Dzhedzhula told how the court case with his ex-wife Julia Leus ended.

In particular, the 2021 presenter sued his former darling, because he wanted to refute the words that he "beat her", "insulted" and "mocked her". The judge has now ruled on the case. As Jejula noted, justice is on his side, so now Leus must pay him one hryvnia of moral compensation. Thus, the showman proved that his ex-wife lied about him.

The court decision in the case of Andriy Dzhedzhula and Yulia Leus / Photo:

"The trial ended with the triumph of justice... This process was not about money! The main goal is to refute false information and that which defames honor, dignity and reputation. The former must reimburse me moral compensation in the amount of one hryvnia!" – said the showman.

Also, according to the court decision, Julia Leus must publicly refute her words and admit that her accusations were untrue. The blogger should do this together with interviewer Alina Olitskaya, who is also a defendant in the case.

Andrey Dzhedzhula and Julia Leus / Photo:

The scandal between Andrei Dzhedzhula and Julia Leus

Andriy Dzhedzhula married Julia Leus in 2017, but in August 2019, relations between them deteriorated. In the same year, the lovers got together again and officially married. A few months later, Leus gave birth to a daughter. However, the child did not save their marriage.

Andriy Dzhedzhula with his daughter / Photo:

While still pregnant, Julia was hospitalized with a threat of miscarriage. The blogger blamed the man for this and stated that he beat her. Yulia claimed that the showman mocked her, called her names and raised her hand. Meanwhile, Jejula himself denied everything. The showman claimed that his wife was also a manipulator and sued her for defamation. The couple finally divorced last fall.

Andrey Dzhedzhula and Julia Leus / Photo:

Also, exes cannot agree on raising a common daughter. Jejula states that Leus forbids him to see the child. The showman also wants to solve this issue in the legal field.

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