As global businesses focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) development, the Faculty of Science of HKU has launched Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science Major) and Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws dual degree programmes to cope with the increasing demand for ESG professionals in the industry. The school said that the environmental science major course was launched in 2009, and 24 students graduated last year, and the school described the employment prospects as good, with an employment rate of 100% and an average monthly salary of 1,7 yuan.

The Faculty of Science of HKU has successively launched a Bachelor of Science (Major in Environmental Science) and a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws dual degree programmes. (Photo by Ma Weijie)

Timothy Bonebrake, Associate Dean of HKU Polytech, said that the private sector and even the government have pursued sustainable development in recent years, and the demand for ESG talents has increased, and there are more and more job opportunities. He pointed out that some human resources agencies have earlier released the Hong Kong Employment Outlook Survey for the second quarter of 2023, and ESG talent is one of the five major manpower shortages in Hong Kong.

HKU Faculty of Science adopts unified admission and chooses major courses in the second year. The Faculty of Science launched the Environmental Science major in 2009, which combines biological and physical sciences, economics and policy. According to the school, the course is accredited by the Hong Kong Environment Council (HKIQEP). Timothy described the employment prospects as good with 2009% employment and past surveys showing that the average monthly salary of graduates was $24,100, according to the school, which was launched in 1 and 7 students graduated last year.

Bonebrake described the employment prospects of environmental science majors as good, with a 100% employment rate, and past surveys showed that the average monthly salary of graduates was $1,7. (Photo by Ma Weijie)

Last year, there were 20 double degrees for Bachelor of Reasoning and Bachelor of Laws, and 12 students took it

The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws (Dual Degree Programme) will be launched in the 2022 academic year and are five-year programmes. Timothy believes that I&T is one of Hong Kong's development priorities, and the demand for IP and AI professionals is increasing, and the course aims to provide scientific experts with an understanding of the complex legal procedures related to research and law. According to JUPAS, there are 20 bachelor's places in the first year, 2022 people choose to place their courses in Band A in 26, and 12 students will take them after the results of the first round of JUPAS are announced.

Ma Yinan pointed out that the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws courses have more coursework than the average student, need to do a good job of time management, and also need to adapt to the completely different teaching methods of science and law. (Photo by Ma Weijie)

Dual degree students: heavy coursework and need to adapt to different teaching methods across disciplines

Ma Yinan, a first-year student in the Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws programmes at HKU, said that the biggest challenge in studying this subject is that both liberal arts and science must have a certain level, more coursework than ordinary students, need to do a good job in time management, and adapt to the different teaching methods of science and law. However, he believes that interdisciplinary courses will increase competitiveness and benefit him in his future career as a lawyer.

Another fourth-year environmental science major, Zhang Gangwei, said that during his studies, he led a delegation of Hong Kong students to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, formulated policy recommendations in official negotiations, and went on a climate change expedition to Antarctica. He pointed out that studying the subject provides many international exchange opportunities to practice a people-centred approach and formulate climate policies and solutions.

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