Greenpeace has opened an art installation in Paris in the form of a machine spewing plastic bottles in front of an oil tap ahead of the start of U.N. talks to curb plastic waste.

The work is written by Canadian Benjamin von Wong. The five-meter installation on the banks of the Seine River shows the link between fossil fuels and plastic pollution, which could triple in the next four decades.

Of the 460 million tonnes of plastic produced each year, only 9% is now recycled. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) announced last year that global plastic waste could triple by 2060.

Environmental activists flood monument in Berlin with sticky liquid

According to the United Nations Environment Programme, countries could cut them by 80 percent by 2040 by using existing technologies and introducing major policy changes.

Talks in Paris will continue until Friday.

Hollywood actor Shailene Woodley joined Greenpeace in Paris, demanding a strong global treaty on plastic reduction. They unveiled artwork in the shape of a machine churning out bottles in front of an oil derrick to coincide with talks on eliminating plastic waste

— Reuters (@Reuters) May 27, 2023


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