Driver serves his car in one of the Cupet in Havana. Photo: Abel Padrón Padilla/ Cubadebate

The Cimex Corporation reported today in its profile of the social network Facebook that, with the aim of extending and stimulating retail trade in the computerization of processes, the company has defined as a development strategy the incorporation of a new means of payment for the acquisition of fuels in the network of service centers, through the Rechargeable Chip Card.

From the actions taken on the development of this new means of payment, our customers are informed that as of today, May 29, the implementation of the Rechargeable Chip Cards for the purchase of fuel in our service centers begins, says the company.

Cimex points out the steps to be followed by customers for the use of this new means of payment and stresses that once the customer acquires the card, free of charge, at the FINCIMEX offices, he must go to the commercial establishments authorized for the loading and recharging of the card with the desired amount.

Among the advantages of this new payment system, Cimex claims that it allows you to recharge your balance as many times as necessary, without limits on the amounts.

In addition, it offers stability of operation without the need for electricity in the network or connectivity, and that it is not required to present the ownership of the owner of the card for its use.

Reloadable Chip Card Charging:

  • The cashier that operates the POS, receives from the customer the amount in cash (CUP) to load on his card.
  • The cashier inserts the customer's card into the POS and selects the loading option at the terminal.
  • The customer is asked to type his PIN, and then the amount to be loaded on his card is entered.
  • A proof of purchase is issued and given to the customer.
  • By consulting the balance on the card, the customer can verify (by entering his PIN) that he has successfully completed the process.
  • In the future, the customer can recharge his card again without having to buy another one.
  • According to Cimex, later the customer can use his card in the various establishments where the fuel is dispensed.

    "We suggest our customers stay informed through our official communication channels to continue receiving information regarding this service," says the company in its social network.

    The note includes the FINCIMEX Offices authorized for the delivery service of Rechargeable Chip Cards.

    If you have any questions or complaints, you can contact Cimex through our customer service means:

    • Unique Number: 80000724
    • Mail:

    Social media profiles:

    • Facebook: Corporación Cimex Oficial
    • Twitter: @cimex_cuba

    (With information from Corporación Cimex)

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