"The exercise "Defense Shield - 23" has achieved its goals – assembling a multinational battalion and its work in an international environment," said the Minister of Defence Dimitar Stoyanov Dimitar Stoyanovwas born on October 28, 1968 in Svilengrad. In 1986, it ended today, May 29, during the day of demonstration of capabilities by the participants in the exercise, the Defense Ministry said. The Minister of Defence assessed the performance of the Bulgarian servicemen as very good. "It is difficult to work in a multinational environment, but once again we proved that our servicemen are capable, despite the differences we have in the equipment (albeit obsolete) of working with our colleagues," he said.

The Chief of Defence Admiral Emil Eftimov emphasized the contribution of our servicemen and their knowledge, willingness to participate in training and knowledge of the necessary tactics and procedures. "However, the issue of technology lagging is becoming more critical and urgent," he said. Admiral Eftimov noted the importance of the prepared investment plan-program and the role of military expertise in determining the necessary military capabilities. "We have tried to form a program that addresses the development of the Armed Forces by 2032 in all domains recognized in NATO," he said. Admiral Eftimov said that if it is confirmed, the servicemen - no matter where they serve, will feel the commitment of the state.

He stressed that the multinational battle group on our territory with a framework state Italy is developing. Our armed forces strive to build on the experience gained by rotating military formations training at the Novo Selo training ground.

Rumen Radev Observes the Defence Shield Exercise at the Novo Selo Training Ground

Dimitar Stoyanovwas born on October 28, 1968 in Svilengrad. In 1986 he emphasized that together with the military leadership, real steps were taken to rearm the army. "The procedure for acquiring armored infantry vehicles is going at an intensified pace, we expect a binding offer and I hope to have a contract by the end of the year. Thus, the least that will be achieved is an additional incentive and desire to serve in the ranks of the Land Forces. The tide from the army is great. You need to think not only about technology, but also about incentives. These incentives can only come with the adoption of a new budget," the defense minister stressed. He expressed hope that the National Assembly will continue to work, reason will prevail and have a regular government.

"If the budget is not adopted, the modernization program in the army will stop. There is no way with the funds from the 2022 budget to continue the work on the projects for the acquisition of 3D radars, the infantry fighting vehicle and 155-mm howitzers, "said Minister Stoyanov.

The President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Rumen Radev Rumen Georgiev Radevis a Bulgarian military man, major-general in the reserve. A former commander also congratulated all servicemen on the excellent results. "With each exercise, they get better - both in terms of effective tactics, techniques and procedures, and in terms of compatibility. I would like to thank the Italian side, which took responsibility to be the framework state of the multinational battle group, as well as our partners from the United States, who today took an active part in this exercise," the Head of State further said.

The Day of Capability Demonstration was also attended by the Deputy Chief of Defence Lieutenant General Mihail Popov, the Commander of the Joint Forces Command Major General Valeri Tsolov, the commanders of the Land Forces Major General Deyan Deshkov and the Air Force Major General Dimitar Petrov.


At the Novo Selo Training Range were demonstrated part of the capabilities achieved in conducting defensive and offensive combat operations by the multinational NATO battle group in Bulgaria. In the performance of their tasks, their actions were supported by aviation and artillery. On static display were then exposed specimens technique involved in the demonstration.

More than 400 Bulgarian servicemen, the multinational battle group, which includes a mechanized battalion reinforced with a tank platoon, a self-propelled artillery battery and units for nuclear, chemical and bacteriological protection of the Land Forces, formations of the US Land Forces, an Italian formation of the multinational NATO battle group in Bulgaria, as well as forces and means of direct aviation support from the Air Force, participate in the exercise.

The tactical exercise with combat firing "Defensive Shield - 23" is part of the multinational large-scale exercise "Defender Europe - 23".

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