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The Prosecutor's Office indicted Bulgarian citizen F.I. (41) and Greek citizen S.H. (42) for unlawfully assisting 13 Moroccan citizens to reside in the country in the region of Harmanli in violation of the law. This was reported by the press office of the state prosecution.

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On May 26, at about 8:30 a.m. in the area of the bus station in Haskovo, police officers stopped for inspection six men, citizens of Morocco, without identity documents. It was found that the migrants were part of a group that illegally crossed the border from Turkey to Bulgaria, after which she was accommodated in a motel near Harmanli. Police officers checked the motel, where seven other men, also Moroccan nationals, were located, without identification documents. F.I. and S.H. took care of the foreigners. Sofia.

The investigation was carried out in the case, and the defendants F.I and S.H. were detained for up to 72 hours by a prosecutor's decree.

The previous case of established organized smuggling of migrants in the region was near Haskovo on March 10 this year, when a 39-year-old pregnant woman, a 40-year-old serviceman from Plovdiv and a 25-year-old man were involved in the case. They had to transport a total of eight Syrian citizens from Lyubimets to Sofia.

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