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Natural gas should fall by 15 percent from June 1, Bulgargaz CEO Denitsa Zlateva said during a public consultation on prices at the energy regulator.

The chairman of the energy regulator Ivan Ivanov said: "I am convinced that by the beginning of the heating season in Chiren there will be no less than 95%, i.e. everything necessary for Bulgaria to meet the heating season without fear of any unpleasant surprises will be done."

EWRC discusses a proposal to reduce the price of natural gas by 11.5% in June

Ivan Ivanov also explained why gas prices are falling and heating and hot water prices will remain at current levels, giving the example of Toplofikacia Sofia.

"Based on all the prices of natural gas within the year, we calculated that Toplofikacia Sofia has an under-profit income of BGN 205 million. These BGN 205 million, according to the rules of regulation, need to be reflected in the next annual price period and in fact this is the reason why in case of a serious decrease in the price of natural gas we actually keep the price of heat energy."

The energy regulator estimated that from July 1 the prices of heating and hot water should rise by up to half a percent, and electricity for households - by 4 percent.

Ivan Ivanov



Denitsa Zlateva