EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell believes that Russia will agree to peace talks only after it wins the war against Ukraine.

Writes about it Sky News.

Borrell stressed that Russia now under no circumstances wants peace, but, on the contrary, plans to continue the bloody war against Ukraine.

"I see Russia's clear intention to win the war. Russia will not negotiate if it does not win the war," he said.

Statements by representatives of the Kremlin regime about "peace" negotiations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia put forward new "conditions" for the end of the war. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galinin said that the "conflict" will be resolved if Ukraine refuses to join the EU and NATO and recognizes Russian as the state language.

At the same time, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin repeated another nonsense about "conditions of peace" with Ukraine. He said that "our state should not threaten the Russian Federation," and the occupiers "were not discriminated against."

Representatives of the Kremlin regime continue to declare that "the war against Ukraine will continue until Russia achieves its goal."

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