The governor of the Belgorod region, Vyacheslav Gladkov, on the air of the TV channel "Russia 24" called the best solution to the problem of shelling the territories of the region "the accession of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region to it."

Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov toughly put the enemy in place.

According to Terekhov, it was ridiculous to hear the nonsense of Governor Gladkov about the need to "join" Kharkiv to the Russian Federation.

In Kharkiv, the Belgorod region is exclusively perceived as the "BNR", said the head of the city. And he added that once upon a time Belgorod was part of the Kharkiv region.

Igor Terekhov said this in a comment to Current Time.

"It was ridiculous to hear this nonsense being said. Why? Because what is the Belgorod region? The Belgorod region is exclusively perceived in Kharkov as the "BNR". Therefore, to talk about some kind of "accession", from Russia, Kharkiv...", the mayor said.

Terekhov added that one district of Kharkiv has the same population as Belgorod.

"... Also for history: once upon a time there was the Kharkiv region, which included the city of Belgorod. We will not go to this. But what concerns sovereignty and territorial integrity today, Ukraine is a sovereign state, Kharkiv is a Ukrainian city, was, is and will be ...", - said the mayor of Kharkiv.

Ihor Terekhov noted that the Russian occupiers from the very beginning of the full-scale invasion tried to capture the city, but were defeated. "... Therefore, the nonsense that he uttered (Gladkov - ed.), let it be comforting for him," the mayor said.

Recall that on May 29, "cotton" again visited Belgorod.

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