The official opening ceremony of the world championship in Baku has begun.

According to the website, Azerbaijani President Ilham Əliyev attends a ceremony at Baku Crystal Hall.

4 athletes from 145 countries will test their strength in the world, which will end on June 949. These taekwondo players will fight for 16 sets of medals in the competition.

Azerbaijani Sylvia Dadeshov (54 kg), Gashim Magomedov (58 kg), Hanaglan Karimov (63 kg), Eltac Qafarov (74 kg), Eliaskar Əliyev (80 kg), Taleh Solomonov (87 kg), Hamidrza Badriali They will representabadi (+87 kg), Minaya Akkbərova (46 kg), Patimat Abakorava (49 kg), Samarrux Osmanova (53 kg), Fatima Magidova (62 kg) and Farida Azizova (67 kg). Cavad Agaveh (68 kg) was on the verge of a halt today and stopped fighting in the 1/16 final.

It is noteworthy that the world championship will be the second time in Azerbaijan after Russia. Our country will go down in history as seventh among European countries to accept the world after Germany, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Russia and Britain.