The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan has revealed the facts about Armenia's next aggressive rhetoric and fraud.

The EPA reports that Ayhan Hadzyzadə, head of the press service office of the Azerbaijani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, shared this on twitter.

"The next aggressive rhetoric and fraud of the Armenian leadership:

It is Armenia that destroyed the monument of World War II and burned a list of Armenian terrorists in May 1992," ayhan Hadzyzadə said.

He also reacted to the sharing of Alen Simonia, the chairman of the Armenian parliament.

"The speaker of the Armenian parliament and a close associate of the Prime Minister (the Prime Minister who recognizes the sovereignty and integrity of Azerbaijan) is carrying out the next attack on Azerbaijan's sovereignty, calling Lachin ,Berdzor," Ayhan Hadzyzadə said.

"The leaders of Armenia must end false rhetoric and respect Azerbaijan's sovereignty!" A.Hadzyzadə said.