A new batch of Iranian kamikaze drones has arrived in Russia. In particular, this is evidenced by massive shelling of Ukraine.

Pavlo Lakiichuk, Head of Security Programs at the Center for Global Studies "Strategy XXI", expressed his opinion about this today, May 29, on the air of the FREEDOM TV channel.

According to him, this is reported by our friends-partners from the Caspian Sea region, who monitor the movement of ships north-south in the Caspian Sea, that there may be massive drone raids.

"But the enemy continues rocket attacks. Also obvious, and it was predictable, unfortunately. The software of Iranian drones supplied by the Russian Federation has changed. Our military will still study those parts of the downed drones that we have at our disposal," the expert says.

In particular, now we are talking about the fact that the software for these drones has changed, which allows a more maneuverable flight.

"Actually, it depends on how the system of the drone interacts with the satellite signal, how accurate is the transmission of coordinates in space. These issues are being improved and several satellite guidance systems and, possibly, homing systems are being used. In general, enemy equipment is becoming more complex," Lakiichuk said.

He also noted that Russia's receipt of such a number of drones indicates that Russia is transferring something to Iran instead of drones.

Recall that Russia has increased the frequency of strikes on Ukraine, trying to destroy objects where ammunition, military equipment and the like are stored. Thus, they want to influence the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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