A teenage girl exhumed the body of a killer after he appeared to her in a dream and begged for help.

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After a series of bizarre dreams where a dead killer "talked" to a 15-year-old girl and begged her for help, the teenager was caught digging up his body.

Lázaro Barbosa de Souza killed six people in Brazil in a series of murders in 2021 before police caught up with him in a bloody shootout.

Lazaro Barbosa de Souza / Photo: dailystar.co.uk

But in March of this year — nearly two years after the murderer and rapist was shot dead by police at his former mother-in-law's home in Goiás, central Brazil — de Souza's tomb was excavated.

Investigator Rafael Neris told reporters that the 15-year-old girl, whose name has not been disclosed, was tracked down after she was spotted by security cameras.

When she was arrested on March 15, there was still grave mud on her clothes.

"It was clear that she was the one who robbed the grave," he said.

Tomb of Lazaro de Souza / Photo: dailystar.co.uk

She confessed to exhuming the body after she dreamed that the killer was still alive and "needed her help."

"The girl reported that she had several dreams in which Lazaro appeared and asked her to pull him out of the grave because he was alive and needed her help," he explained.

Police said the girl was taken to the cemetery by her 21-year-old boyfriend. Despite the fact that her lover tried to warn that it was wrong and that they could not go there, she strongly insisted.

Although it was initially reported that de Souza's skull had been stolen, it was later determined that the body itself was not injured.

According to Neris, the girl may not be charged, and now the grave is again filled up and restored.

De Souza's terror began on July 9, 2021. He broke into the house of Claudio Vidal, killing the businessman and his two sons. De Souza then kidnapped Vidal's wife, 43-year-old Cleonis Márquez, before killing her while he was hiding from police.

He then broke into a number of other nearby houses, often forcing residents to drink and take manure with them. On June 12, the police managed to track down de Souza, but after a brief shootout, he managed to escape. He shot dead three residents of the house, two of them were seriously wounded. On June 15, he participated in another shootout with the police, wounding one officer.

The whole next week he was in hiding, from time to time he was noticed by the police, but he always managed to escape. But on June 28, the killer was tracked down to the house of his former mother-in-law. De Souza was surrounded and killed by bullets.

Recall, an American named Tony told how he was able to escape from serial killer John Gacy. A killer clown raped, tortured and killed at least 33 young people and boys in the town of Norwood Park.

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