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Luggage problems when flying a plane?

See the advice of ECC Bulgaria

A total of 26 million suitcases, bags and bags were lost, delayed, damaged or stolen at airports worldwide in 2022, according to a report by SITA, a company providing IT and telecommunications services to the air transport industry. According to the study, in 80% of cases, improperly handled luggage has delayed it, and the share of lost and stolen travel bags has increased to 7%.

ECC Bulgaria also reported a nearly double increase in complaints related to delayed, lost or broken suitcases in 2022 compared to the previous 2021. For this reason, we would like to recall the fundamental rights and obligations that passengers have in the event of problems with their luggage at the airport.

They lost my suitcase at the airport. What about now?

If your checked baggage does not arrive at the airport after you get off the plane, you should immediately go to the appropriate baggage desk and request a missing protocol (PIR). There is filled in the type of suitcase or bag (color, size, brand, year of purchase) and your details and contacts to be delivered to you subsequently. In such cases, you are entitled to costs for the so-called. essential goods - for example, underwear, toothbrush and paste, shaving paste and shaver for men. When buying such goods, keep receipts and other documents so that you can subsequently request the amount from the airline. It is also good to consult with the carrier about its policy in such a situation.

As soon as possible after you have landed, but no later than 5 to 7 days, you must also file a complaint with the airline.

If the suitcase is not found within 21 days after the flight, it is considered lost. In this case, you must also submit a new claim to the airline for compensation. The maximum amount you are entitled to is determined by the Montreal Convention and is up to 1288,1600 Special Circulation Rights (approximately <>,<> euros) per passenger, unless there is additional baggage insurance. Our advice is that if you are transporting something extremely valuable, consider such insurance.

The compensation depends on the actual value of the damage in the particular case, and very often a fixed amount is paid per kilogram of missing luggage. To get a larger amount, it would help to have invoices and receipts for clothes and other items that were in the lost suitcase.

It is important to check on the airline's website before the flight if there are restrictions on the items you will carry. If you put items such as a tablet, camera or other valuables in your suitcase, which is prohibited, do not expect to be compensated in the event of damage or loss. In parallel, it is advisable to remove all labels from previous trips, as well as to put a badge / label with names, address, email and phone. If necessary, the airline will be able to contact you.

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