Previously, the occupiers carried out massive rocket attacks at intervals of two weeks, then struck on Mondays, and now they attack almost daily, but with limited ammunition. Why did the enemy change tactics and what should we expect in the near future?

In a comment for, military expert, former spokesman of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Vladyslav Seleznyov commented on the situation.

"First, the Russians have the ability to produce 67 missiles on the ground. This is our intelligence information. We are talking about 2 "Daggers", 5 "Iskanders" and others," said Vladyslav Seleznev.

According to him, the attacks are now relatively unmassive.

"But, answering the question of why the occupiers launch so often, we can say that the Russians are trying to form a future battlefield in order to slow down the preparation of the Ukrainian army for a counteroffensive as much as possible, to deplete our reserves, air defense reserves. To accumulate – this requires time and agreements with our Western partners, we need the production of a new one that compensates for the lost. The Russians are very nervous about our upcoming counteroffensive, so they are exhausting to the maximum," the expert said.

Regarding the attacks on the capital, Vladislav Seleznev is of the opinion that the Russians are trying to hit objects where decisions are made, where management comes from, where there are control and communication points.

To this, the expert added that our air defense on the night of May 29 worked quite actively, it needs time to recharge.

Through the massive use of drones, the enemy is trying to emasculate our capabilities as much as possible. That is, at night they are trying to emasculate our stocks for air defense, and then drive missiles. Taking into account the fact that recently another batch of kamikaze drones "Shahed" was delivered to Russia, according to various estimates – from 100 to 200, it is obvious that the shelling will continue. Until the end of a full-scale war.

"We need to constantly communicate with Western partners to obtain a stock of ammunition for the systems that we have. In addition, the liberation of our territories to the borders of 1991 will not solve the issue of missile danger. Safe opportunities will be provided only by the destruction of the combat potential of Putin's army," he added.

We will remind, Ukrainians, who in Kiev hid in the subway during the Russian attack, captured in the photo famous photographers Konstantin and Vlad Liberov. So, the photo captured how during the morning rocket attack on the capital, both adults and children wait for the enemy attack in the subway.

It should be noted that Russian troops launched 11 missiles at Kyiv and the region – ballistic and cruise Iskanders. Air defense forces shot down all air targets, but the wreckage of enemy missiles fell in four districts of the capital, causing damage and wounding a person.

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